You wouldn’t believe it. After all my updating, the server I was using for this website suddenly shut down without explanation. Now I have to write it all the website coding again from scratch. My research isn’t stored online so at least I didn’t lose any of that.

Lesson learned. I’m installing auto backups.

Welcome to the GARDENER Family Website

Don’t let the title fool you. I’m researching our ancestors wherever they come from & I’m also trying to include all of our relations in Australia* regardless of surname. That includes those living now and those that have gone before us. Put simply, anyone with a blood or marriage connection to the family.



I freely admit that the main reason I pay to keep this website afloat, is in the hope of stimulating your interest, at least enough to make sure that family documents & photos are preserved. Hopefully you’ll share what you know before you go to.

The best advice I ever received was ‘don’t leave it too late‘. People pass on and more history is lost forever. In my own case, I’ve had a couple of brain tumours and there are things I would love to solve while I still can too.

I’m currently doing a Diploma of Family History with the University of Tasmania and an undergraduate course in Archiving & Preservation. I have fireproof facilities to store all family records and photos in acid free covers. In 25 years researching our family, I’ve amassed quite a collection but I’m always looking for more.

Why throw it out when I can collect and preserve it?

For detailed information on my privacy rules, the full text is available in the Privacy tab above, but the short version is ‘if you supply the info, you set the rules’.

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