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Ian Gardener

My name is Ian Gardener and I run this website, I guess I’m also the self appointed family history researcher & custodian. I figured somebody should preserve our family history, so I put my hand up. Everything I do in regard to our family history is FREE to all registered users. Registration is also FREE.

My focus is on the GARDENER side of my family and most of the website is devoted to this, but as this research is for my own children as well as yours, I research all of their mother’s lines too (OCKWELL).

So back to the GARDENER family. My research is on behalf of the greater GARDENER family. That includes its many branches and sub-branches, it’s certainly not limited to families with the same surname or same spelling. In fact if you have even the most distant relationship to these four key lines shown below, then you and I are related in some way.

Please see the ABOUT page for more info on who I am, what I’m doing and why.

The key names for the GARDENER family include all ancestors, siblings and descendants of:

The GARDENER Line (my paternal line):

  • GARDENER, George Frederick. George (my grandfather) was born around 1886 in Yarraville (Vic), to William GARDENER & Elizabeth Annie COX. He married Nellie Marion McDOUGALL in 1910 at South Melbourne (Vic) and he died in Boronia (Vic) on 26th December, 1970. Aged about 83.
  • McDOUGALL, Nellie Marion. Nellie (my grandmother) was born in 1892 at Melbourne (Vic), to well known publicans John Duncan McDOUGALL and Ellen McDOUGALL (nee SHANAHAN). Nellie married George in 1910 and together they produced twelve children. Nellie died on October 9th, 1952 in South Melbourne (Vic).
  • Gardener, Victor. Victor was George’s half brother through circumstances so far unknown. I believe Victor was born in 1888 at Queenscliffe (Vic) around 1888, to William GARDENER and Charlotte HANCOCK. In 1910 Victor married Muriel Louisa McDONALD and they produced three children. Victor died at Heidelberg (Vic) in 1969.

The McNAIR Line (my maternal line):

  • Ronald Andrew McNAIR. Ronald (my grandfather) was born 9th March, 1921 in Port Melbourne (Vic) to parents Joseph Thomas McNAIR and Eveline Lillian BEESON. in 1940 he married Irene Florence TRAYNOR and they had two daughters. The marriage was shortlived. Ronald died 5th January 1970 in South Melbourne (Vic).
  • Irene Florence TRAYNOR. Irene (my grandmother) was born around 1924 to William Henry “Wild Bill” TRAYNOR and Sarah Anne MOLLER (M∅LLER). She married Ron in 1940 and left him within a couple of years. She died 2nd August 1993 in Caulfield (Vic).