Barry, Ian & Paul (BIP)


Nobody alive has ever heard of BIP in this context, BIP was a secret, a special secret known only by us. It started as a joke as I recall but although it would take us more than 30 years to admit it, it came to mean so much more. The last time I saw Paul Kent alive he referred to our three way childhood friendship in this way and I quote, “Friends – Never Better”.

My name Is Ian Gardener. I met Barry Beddome on my first day of school and by the time that year of 1965 drew to an end, Barry & I were friends, friends like no other.

Many years later Barry met Paul Kent and of course he introduced Paul to me, how could he not? Barry & I were closer than any brothers could be and Paul quickly became our third.

If that seems a strange way to introduce Paul, it can’t be helped. It is apt, it is exact, we were three.

Here I will record memories of my life with Barry and Paul, both of whom have gone now, I have a rare form of recurring brain tumour so there will never be a better time to record these memories. I’m no writer, I wasn’t that good at high school so don’t expect great works, I also have very mild acquired brain injury and my left arm doesn’t always do as it’s told so please excuse any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to fix those as I spot them.

I will record my memories as they surface and as time permits, in no particular order.

This page is dedicated to Barry & Paul, their families and those that loved them.

Feel free to copy my musings for your own personal use, I reserve all rights to any commercial use and if you use any of my writing in your own work, please credit as appropriate.