Baofeng GT-3TP MK 3

Programming your Baofeng GT-3TP MK 3

Some Facts:

  • Chirp DOES support this model radio and has since it was released!
  • From the CHIRP forums “This radio isn’t new and it has been supported since it was released. See the Supported Radio Models list on the CHIRP Home/Wiki page.
    • BF-F8HP (in daily builds)
      Also includes the BF-A58
      Also includes the BF-F9V2+
      Also includes the GT-3TP <– this is your radio
      Also includes the UV-5RTP
      Also includes the UV-5R7W

    So like all Baofeng radios with 3 power levels, you need to select the “BF-F8HP” model.

  • If you cannot get the radio to work with Chirp, it’s because you bought a dodgy cable and most of them ARE dodgy as they based on an old counterfeit Proflux chip, they will not run on recent versions of Windows. You can buy a working cable on eBay HERE.
  • This radio CAN be programmed manually, there is just one extra step required above what people are used to. You can find detailed instructions on manual programming HERE. Don’t worry that the model is different, the functions are identical.

I have actually programmed manually using these instructions and using Chirp with the cable indicated. Note Baofeng do not themselves sell any cable that will work with Win 10!